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Trading and Exchanging

     E-Exchange Limited and Tianjin Exchange for Electronic Materials and Products Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as TEEX),which established and lead invested by China Electric Chamber of Commerce (CECC) directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information, Sinosi Group (SINOSI), E-Exchanging Holding Ltd.(EEX) and other shareholders. In order to respond the constructions of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and One Belt One Road under the Internet + trend, TEEX collaborates with both domestic and abroad industry associations to create a professional, authoritative, and unique cross-border electronic trading market, which is an innovation platform that provide trading, exchanging and related financial services to entity enterprises.

    The core business model of TEEX is B2B2C, which realized by two System for trading and exchanging: One is Global Trading System, and another one is Exchanging Online System. Enterprises can be able to achieve 6 trade functions from these two systems: import business, export business, domestic trades, bidding, auction, continuous and mixing deals. All traders in TEEX can be able to realize global trading and exchanging online and settle the delivery through the System.

    The core business model of TEEX realized by the Traders/Dealers, Sales and Purchase Centers, and the E-Trading Markets, as well as Merchandise Banks, Major Listed Enterprises, Trade and Settlement Centers etc,. The Operating Centers, Merchandise Banks and related Websites are the core operation of TEEX, it's also the unique innovation for modern trade place and exchange model.

    Here are the existing industrial electronic trading markets in TEEX: iSi-Silica and Silicon trading and exchanging, iTu-Tungsten trading and exchanging, iWaterproof- Waterproof trading and exchanging, iLongan-Longan trading and exchanging, iMobile-Mobile trading and exchanging, iAuto-Auto trading and exchanging etc., These are the e-trade markets under construction: iCu-Copper trading and exchanging, iAl-Aluminum trading and exchanging, iCo-Cobalt trading and exchanging, iTin-Tin trading and exchanging, iLi-Lithium trading and exchanging etc. All of the trading and exchanging will be operated by three kinds of seats, Trader/dealer, Sales and purchase center, and E-Trading market with a professional, intensive and authoritative system and platform created by TEEX.

    TEEX has listed those main varieties of products: polycrystalline silicon, silver powder, tungsten, copper, nickel, automobile, mobile phone, polyester, crude oil, longan, and dendrobium officinale etc,. The planning listed products are: petrochemical, agriculture products, mineral materials, sustainable resources, and electronic equipments and so on.

TEEX, the platform for global trading and exchanging online!

TEEX, your own Exchange!