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Notice on the Agricultural Bank of Yin system opened Personal Internet Banking signing function

Date : 2016-07-01

All E-trading markets, Enterprise Trading Centers, Merchandise Bank Institutes, Key Listed Companies and Dealers:

Received notice of Agricultural Bank, the personal internet banking signing function of Yin Shangtong system has been opened , individual traders can contract signing through the Agricultural Bank online banking Yin Shangtong system , commercial banking institutions and institutional traders signing way unchanged .

Have been through the end of the market contracted Agricultural Bank of individual traders should be landing in Agricultural Bank online banking or Yin Shangtong system through the agricultural bank counter complement signed before July 31, 2016 , not within the stipulated time of signing on individual traders will not be able to capital funds inflow and draw procedures, if any, If there is access to gold demand must be relogin Agricultural Bank online banking or through the agricultural bank counter Yin Shangtong signing operation. Individual dealers who have signed a contract with the Agricultural Bank of China do not need to sign up for a contract.

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Dated June 30, 2016