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Notice on adjustment the Trading authority of Partial Commodities

Date : 2016-07-15

All E-trading Markets, Enterprise Trading Centers, Merchandise Bank Institutes, Key Listed Companies and Dealers:

In order to further standardize the order of the trading market, it was decided after study that closed Baota Petroleum 20T,Baota Petroleum 50T,Baota Petroleum 100T and TM Petroleum 20T,TM Petroleum 50T,TM Petroleum 100T Delisting authority, only retain the transfer transaction rights after operation suspension on July. 22, 2016 (Friday) in accordance with Management Rules for Risk Control of TEEX Listed Spots E-trading Business (Trial).

TEEX would like to remind the above institutions and dealers to make sound trade planning, capital arrangement and risk control in advance.

It is hereby announced.

E-Exchange Limited

Tianjin Exchange for Electronic Materials and Products Co., Ltd.

July. 15, 2016