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Leaders of Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province Visited the TEEX

Date : 2015-12-28

On December 24, Li Bolin, the Director of Enshi Prefecture Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chen Kezhong, the Deputy President of Hubei Micro-credit Company Association and President of Enshi Prefecture Micro-credit Company Association, Chen Hong, the Managing Director of Shenzhen Zexing Corporate Planning Company and other leaders visited Tianjin TEEX, when Hu Fei, the Managing Director and Chen Zhengxiao, the Project Principal of the TEEX warmly received and presented at the working conference.


In the process, Hu Fei introduced the B2B2C electronic trading mode of the TEEX in detail. Later on, Li Bolin detailed the regional advantages, investment environment and preferential policies of Enshi Prefecture. Then both parties exchanged in-depth ideas concerning such problems as cross-border E-business and the financial problems of the supply chain.

According to information, the coverage rate of forest in Enshi Prefecture is nearly 70%, thus being honored as the "Forest Sea in western Hubei", "Drug Storehouse in Central China", "Kingdom of Tobacco" and "Capital of Se in the World"; besides, Enshi Prefecture is a crucial clean energy base in central China. This bilingual exchange is aimed at the marketing and trading of Se, planning the establishment of the "international trade center of Se", to promote the informatization and innovative level of local industry and deepening deeper, wider and more intelligent development by virtue of the mobile, integrated and platform-oriented trends of internet.