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TEEX Welcomes No. 023 Merchandise Bank Institute

Date : 2016-01-06

In the morning on January 6, Zhongzheng Guorui Merchandise Bank Institute signed the contract successfully with TEEX and became No. 023 Merchandise Bank Institute of TEEX. Hu Fei, managing director of TEEX and Zhang Lida, legal person of Zhongzheng Guorui attended the signing ceremony.


Zhang Lida, legal person of Zhongzheng Guorui, was present at the signing ceremony.

It is reported that after the signing of the contract the Merchandise Bank Institute would capitalize on its advantages in cross-border international trade and financial services of supply chain as business carrier of B2B2C mode of the TEEX, render comprehensive and meticulous services for key listed companies, tackle difficult and costly financing of enterprises and remove the development bottleneck, and integrate resources in the industry together with TEEX, create online industry, progressively expand the varieties of listed commodities and become strong support for B2B2C mode of the TEEX.