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TEEX Welcomes No. 016 and 088 Merchandise Bank Institutes

Date : 2016-01-13

Recently, Baiyi Merchandise Bank Institute and Zhongqin Merchandise Bank Institute signed contracts successfully with TEEX and became No. 016 and No. 088 Merchandise Bank Institutes of TEEX. Hu Fei, managing director of TEEX, Wang Ning and Guo Runhong, general manager of Baiyi and Zhongqin respectively, attended the signing ceremony.


Wang Ning, general manager of Baiyi, was present at the signing ceremony.


Guo Runhong, general manager of Zhongqin, was present at the signing ceremony.

It is reported that after the signing of the contract the merchandise bank institutes will join hands with TEEX to assist key listed companies to make comprehensive optimization and upgrading of industrial chain, play a significant role in cross-border trade businesses and render extending trade services for entity enterprises, control trade cost, efficiency and risk as well as provide complete service system for commodity business enterprises, consumer enterprises and commodity investors and promote the optimization and upgrading of China's industry.