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Director Liu Haidong of Municipal Commission of Commerce E-Business Department and His Party Pay an

Date : 2016-03-21

On March 17, Liu Haidong and Gao Zhanyong, directors of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce E-Business Department paid an investigation tour to TEEX; Guo Quanqi, vice chairman and president of TEEX and Hu Fei, managing director of TEEX rolled out warm reception and attended the working conference.



First, director Liu Haidong and his party made field investigation at the TEEX and generally got an overview on product launch and operation status of TEEX. At the following working conference, Hu Fei, managing director of TEEX, made an introduction to the basic situation of TEEX and B2B2C business model: TEEX innovatively created the concept of industrial chain finance, achieved finance and credit sharing by credit extension from bank for the industry, and solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing and problems of development. In addition, the launch and operation of B2B2C model are practically meaningful for the specialization, standardization and internationalization of the cross-border E-commerce of our country.

Guo Quanqi, vice chairman and president of TEEX, gave detailed explanation on the progress of all the works: currently, the B2B2C model created around three places has been successfully operated, that registered dealers have exceeded 70000 and offline banks are over 200, spreading all over the world, which ensure the stable operation of O2O system of TEEX. Later, both parties carried out deep communication on the common concerned issues.



At the conference, Director Liu Haidong expressed high recognition to TEEX's working achievements. He noted that TEEX was making efforts to transfer roles from “Information Supplier” to “Comprehensive Service Supplier”, and TEEX played good demonstration roles in Tianjin financial reform and innovation and coordinated development. Director Liu hoped that TEEX may exert the important role of e-commerce in market development and resource integration in the future development so as to help upgrade and transform the traditional foreign trade and promote rapid and standard development of E-commerce.