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Cheng Shuiyuan,the Deputy Governor of Enshi State People’s Government leaders’ Visited the TEEX

Date : 2016-04-22


On April 20,Cheng Shuiyuan,the Deputy Governor of Enshi State People’s Government,Xie Kui,the Deputy Director of Government Office,Zhang Zuqing, the Deputy Director of Government Office and Secretary for Selenium Resources Conservation and Development Authority, Long Weidong,the Director of Government Financial Office,Cheng Yinjie, the Director of Se National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,Yao Zhuang,the Deputy Director of Commission of Economy and Information Technology,Dong Chuangzheng,the chief of Government Office,Chen Puliang,the Deputy Secretary of Selenium Resources Conservation and Development Authority,Chen Kezhong,the Chairman of He Sheng Selenium Product Development Co.,Ltd. and other leaders visited Tianjin TEEX,when Hu Fei ,the Managing Director,Fu Liang, the Project Director of Cross-border , Chen Zhengxiao,the Project Director of commodity trading center ,Sun Xin,the Project Director of Trade Fiance rolled out warm reception and attended the work conference.


In the process,Hu Fei introduced the B2B2C electronic trading mode of the TEEX in detail.Later on ,Cheng Shuiyuan introduced the regional advantages,preferential polices and investment environment of Enshi Prefecture .The both parties exchanged in-depth ideas concerning business mode of TEEX and Specific issues to build“Se online”.

Enshi selenium resource rich, known as "Capital of Se in the world", with the world's only independent Selenium Deposit is found in China so far the first area rich in selenium. Earlier, the two sides have repeatedly discussed the relevant issues related to the listing of selenium resources. The process Cheng Shuiyuan leaders’ visit to TEEX, both sides reached a consensus on a program of detailed project implementation, team building and other aspects of business segments and enter a specific aspects of the implementation.