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Guo Quanqi invited to attend the BPO global China cross-border electricity suppliers

Date : 2016-07-15

On July 13, BPO global China cross-border business description was held in Seoul, South Korea, Guo Quanqi , the vice chairman and President of the TEEX power to be invited to attend, and delivered an important speech.

Also attended the meeting, as well as Li Hanjiu,the congressman of South Korean , Jin Dongshan,the director of South Korea's small and medium enterprises , Liu Daoxuan ,the chairman of South Korea BPO global company ,and other government officials and entrepreneurs of the two countries. It is understood, the meeting organized to promote cross-border business between China and South Korea exchange, hope through the joint efforts of the Chinese and Korean enterprises will cross-border business bigger and stronger, to promote bilateral economic growth, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.



Meeting start by South Korean delegates BPO global company chairman Liu Daoxuan induced opening speech, the arrival of He of China represents the president said a warm welcome, and hope that through this meeting to build up a platform for the exchange of cross-border business between China and South Korea.

Then Guo Quanqi , the vice chairman and President of TEEX delivered the keynote speech, He first thanked the meeting organizers of the invitation, and on behalf of the company chairman Wu Zheng to the guests to extend my sincere greetings, he said, commodity trade of China and South Korea from the establishment of diplomatic relations has been the rapid development, the trade volume from the initial $64 million to 2015 227.3 billion an increase of about 35 times, in the overall structure of the Korean economy, China has become the one of the most important partners, there is no doubt that China ROK relations in an unprecedented level of structure development. He stressed that as the sun in the South Korean business partners, we also sincerely hope that China and South Korea cooperation to build a bridge of friendship. We will do our best to join in the success of all the participating enterprises. In the end, I wish the conference a complete success.

It is reported that the business meeting is relay the BPO and global together to create "Korea Pavilion" after another in-depth cooperation, which marks the two sides will electricity supplier in the field of commodities across the border to exchange exploration, adhere to create has a demonstration effect of global cross-border business platform as the goal, to achieve cross-border business booming unremitting efforts.