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Electricity exchange waterproof online transactions cumulative breakthrough 40 million yuan

Date : 2016-09-07

In April 2016 ,the TEEX create a professional waterproof online electronic trading market, relying on the aggregation effect of the market, attract a lot of attention since the first day go online , up to September 1, 2016, TEEX online waterproof polyester products have been accumulated transactions exceeded 40 million yuan. This marks the power exchange to create the online electronic trading market has gradually become a professional waterproofing waterproofing industry trading center, and with the international price increase trading volume will gradually form a waterproof products, grasp the polyester waterproof product core pricing, for the national economy steady development and economic reform escort.

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It is reported that, following the online waterproof silicon industry online after the TEEX focus to create a professional electronic trading market, trading products are mainly raw materials such as polyester waterproof, including a collection of Oriental domestic leading enterprises, non-woven fabrics and other waterproof dealer body, building a power exchange cross-border trade business in the layout of the formation of commercial bank institutions and the global operations center. Listed include silicon FOB, car goods, car three packs of services, mobile phone, polyester, longan, Dendrobium, spot commodity; the future will plan to list the petrochemical sector, agricultural and sideline products sector, mineral resources sector, renewable resources sector, electronic equipment and other professional market segments.