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Global Trading System added new enterprise trading center

Date : 2015-09-25

Liangshan first "Internet +"New economic development forum, directed by Liangshan Commerce Bureau and Meigu county government, hosted by Sichuan Electronic Commerce Association and Liangshan Electronic Commerce Association, co-organized by Yuchuan commodity trading market, was held in Liangshan on September 23,2015.TEEX general manager ,Hu Fei ,attended the meeting.

The forum was held to respond to the relevant policies of the state and Sichuan provincial government, explore new opportunities and challenges in the new situation of Internet + new economy of West China. Yuchuan commodity trading market, as one of the TEEX enterprise trading center, officially unveiled in the forum.

At the beginning, deputy secretary general of the people's Government of Liangshan, Changji Muzi, made a speech. He introduced the main situation of Liangshan and indicated that "Internet + "and electronic commerce bring innovative models and new impetus to the local economy, will help to accelerate the pace of cross-border trade in west region.

TEEX general manager Hu Fei signed cooperation agreement with Yuchuan commodity trading market