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The TEEX leaders' visit Xiamen International Financial Technology Co., Ltd.

Date : 2016-08-31

On August 29,Guo Quanqi,the Vice chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TEEX,Hu Fei,the Managing Director visit Xiamen International Financial Technology Co., Ltd,conference on strategic cooperation between the two sides.

It is reported that at the meeting also includes Jiang Ning ,the vice president of Shenzhen Han de Efficient Finance Holding Ltd, Yang Yi,the CEO of Shenzhen Bai Ming Yina Enterprise Management Consulting Co., the two sides around the cross-border supply chain finance expansion series communication.


Hu Fei,managing director of TEEX, made a introduction to the the company's business model and the current business situation ,he said, TEEX innovative to create concept of industrial chain finance, through the sharing of bank realized financial sharing, credit industry credit, practical problems and development bottleneck to solve enterprise financing, the financing of the. At the same time, the opening and operation of B2B2C model has positive practical significance for promoting the specialization, standardization and internationalization of cross-border e-commerce in China.

Subsequently, Guo Quanqi,the vice chairman and President for the progress of the work carried out a detailed description. He said that the TEEX around three seats to build the B2B2C model has been successfully operating, a number of professional electronic trading market and to build silicon industry, as the representative of the online car online, offline set up commercial bank institutions throughout the country, to ensure stable operation of the electric system of O2O.


Jiang Ning,the vice president of the Shenzhen Hande financial,the TEEX model that is highly recognized, he stressed that the TEEX innovation pattern for the traditional trade enterprises have a positive role in promoting, is willing to work with the Xiamen international financial exchange to create cross-border electricity supply chain financial service system, to provide financial support and other services for the upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industry, credit basis, financing needs to satisfy more customers. The future, the two sides will further integrate customer resources, relying on the advantages of the platform, the establishment of a fully functional service system to promote the upgrading of traditional industries and transformation.

According to reports, the Xiamen International Financial Technology Co Ltd, cofounded by the Tencent group, Jinyuan group, Dagong, Xinhua Huijin and Yongan holdings and other well-known financial institutions asset securitization of professional service providers. With the advanced financial technology and information technology to a new generation of the Internet for information exchange and transfer transaction platform, the core concepts and tools for business operations on asset securitization, promote the industry standard construction of OTC asset securitization in asset evaluation, model development, credit rating, risk pricing, information disclosure etc. to build the ecosystem, is committed to Chinese OTC fixed income market.