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TEEX added No.162. and No. 175 merchandise bank institutes

Date : 2015-08-27

Yingli ,Yuhai signed with TEEX recently and became  No.162 and No.175 merchandise bank institutes. TEEX general manager Hu Fei,  Yingli legal representative Liu Ming, Yu Hai COO Wang Chunsheng attended the  signing ceremony.

Yingli, Liu Ming

Yu Hai, Wang Chunsheng

After signing the contracts, Yingli,Yuhai and TEEX  will work together to integrate functions in the industrial chain, aims at  principle of serving the real economy, meeting the demand of industry,  production, consumption and management, constantly researching and developing  new products, perfecting market network, and optimizing functions of the  platform; relying on the innovation model of Internet technology, to provide a  fully functional service system for the commodity management enterprise,  consumption enterprise and commodity investors to promote optimization and  upgrading of China's industry.