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Date : 2015-7-21

Why should you choose online financial services for industrial chain from Tianjin Exchange for Electronic Materials and Products Co., Ltd.(TEEX)? Necessary financing and risk control must be practical problems which your enterprise must face or thinks about during transaction. Taking advantage of convenience of global investment and financing and the unique condition oas pioneer in the Free Trade Zone, TEEX explores new business models, optimizes products and services, and reduces investment and financing cost for enterprises; it provides a full range of global financial solutions for "Join or leave freely" for enterprises and strengthens the position as core enterprises in the global supplying chain. Features of trade financing are quick, convenient and highly revolving; therefore, it has been an important financing method for trade enterprises. TEEX has always been focusing on providing financial services for trade enterprises, and providing trade financial services of settlement, financing, guarantee, cash management, consulting, etc for enterprise's each link of trade settlement. After serious study of the existing 48 kinds of corporate financing models, combined with the demand and trade needs of enterprise in Chinese and international market, under framework of five big functions of the global trading electronic transaction platform and by cooperation with banks, insurance, funds, guarantee and financial institutions, we developed and introduced the "transaction express" financing model including "import express", "export express" and "trade express". We strongly believe that there is always a product among these financing models suitable for and meet demands of your business and trade, providing new drive and support for your transaction. I, Overview of electronic transaction platform for global I, Overview of electronic transaction platform for global trading – "Transaction Express" Electronic transaction platform for global trading has established close cooperation relationship with all the major domestic banks in Tianjin free trade zone and has been able to provide a variety of financial services for customers to choose through exclusive financial products built by cooperation with banks and combined with qualified warehousing enterprises of the industry. The "import express", "export express" and "trade express" provided by the electronic transaction platform for global trading are the necessary choices for servicing the trade-type enterprises.


All-round “Internet+” era has come.

“Internet+” represents a new kind of economic form, not only making full use of the optimization and integration function of Internet in allocation of production factors, but also deeply integrating the innovation products of Internet into each field of economy and society so as to promote the innovation power and productivity of real economy and form more extensive new economic development modality with Internet as the infrastructure and implementation tool.


Cheng Xiaoming, President of Orient Group, said in the interview that “heated discussion over the concept of ‘Internet+’ at the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC) indicates that all-round “Internet+” era has come. Perhaps in the following ten or twenty years, traditional enterprises will confront reform, not a subversion, but an adjustment and optimization it can be predicted that Internet will play more and more important role in future activities. In fact, Orient Non-woven Fabrics has taken the lead in promoting publication of polyester tyre products in the industry. We ardently love this industry and thus are willing to pioneer for all industry participants. If we are successful, all of you can expect an entirely different polyester tyre market and pattern in the near future. Perhaps, at that time, polyester tyre, non-woven fabrics and waterproof materials of Shouguang will go abroad through the channel of Internet.

Discoe right of pricing takes the most part in future competition.

China is a large staple commodity consumer but lacks discourse right in pricing of staple commodity for a long-term. From soybean and corn to mineral and crude oil, domestic enterprises are always harmed by fluctuation of commodity price, leading to bankruptcy and acquisition. Deficiency of commodity pricing right are seriously restricting balanced development of China’s economy and how to obtain discourse right of product pricing in the subdivided industries engaged is extremely urgent and related to the core competitiveness of a country or an enterprise.

Hu Fei, General Manager of the Exchange also mentioned the problem and raised his own opinions. He said that lack of discourse right of staple commodity is caused by various reasons. For example, late start, few varieties, small market size and disorderly market competition of domestic staple commodity are all the reason leading to lack of discourse right. From a specific perspective, dispersed and separate production, processing, trading and logistics, poor industry centralization, linear development entirely, imperfect market mechanisms are all unavoidable problems for China’s traditional enterprises and trade mode. Therefore, to solve these problems, we must reply on one platform and one opportunity.

As a response to national call, the Exchange helps traditional enterprises deepen industry reform, expand financial innovation, connect various links of production, logistics, trade and consumption, optimize industry structure, improve industry pattern and overall competitiveness and expedite strive for international pricing right for staple commodity through four large-level market and price system.”

[Editor’s note]

All progresses of human stems from reform. Publication of polyester tyre is also an industry reform, driving the optimization of the overall industry from the external to internal through an access and way not only pure trading mode. It is expected that more enterprises will break through the imprisonment of traditional thinking in the future, draw support from the chance of “Internet+” to thrive and make China with powerful discourse right in international staple commodity.