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(II) Products of "export expre

Date : 2015-7-21

This is a short-term trade financing provided to traders after the exporters have purchased the export credit insurance from the PICC, paid the insurance cost and guaranteed to faithfully fulfill the obligations under the policy, submitted the receipts or transferred the rights of accounts receivable to the cooperative banks designated by the platform after the goods have been dispatched and insurance indemnity rights have been transferred.

The service features of this product:

(1) Be beneficial to open up foreign trade business in high-risk areas, increase trade opportunities and effectively avoid risk;

(2) The product combines both insurance and financing with simple operation, and can effectively solve the capital turnover difficulty for the traders as export enterprises and improve the cash flow;

(3) More settlement methods and payment terms available to avoid the dependence on the settlement method of l/c;

(4) Easy for communication and recovery of accounts receivable of losses occur to effectively protect the rights of traders.